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Andrea Provaglio

Executive Business Agility Advisor, Senior Agile Coach
Who are you?
I'm an independent, freelance coach and mentor with over 15 years of experience in Agile/Business Agility and 15 previous years in software development and architectures, of which 4 spent in the U.S. on an O-1 visa.

What do you do for a living?
I work with executives, managers, leaders, coaches and teams in large organizations from different industries (as well as small and dynamic companies). I accompany them in their very own evolutionary path towards their specific kind of business agility.

What are you going to talk about at FlowCon?
I'd like to share some of the insights I've gained working with a very Lean company that is embracing Agile.

What are you the proudest of?
I like to think that it's the integrity I can get from being an independent professional.

What speaker and/or topic would you like to see at FlowCon?
Real life stories of failures and successes in organizations trying to be more Lean and/or Agile.

If you were an art piece, which one would it be?
Nothing static, fixed in time and space. Probably some kind of living, interactive installation.

What's your favorite band, artist or song?
Music with content and played by real musicians/artists. If so, a lot of stuff from Bach to the Zeppelin, from Neil Young to Porcupine Tree and so on will do.

Sum up your session or workshop in only 1 sentence
Agile can learn from the "materiality" of the Lean mindset as much as Lean can learn from the "immateriality" mindset of Agile -- but only if we don't look at Agile as a "methodology".

What are the 3 top takeaways from your session or workshop?
- Understand some key differences and similarities between the Lean and Agile stance
- Why you should not think at Agile as just a method
- Use language an patterns as an evolutionary tool