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Bruno Boucard

Co-founder & director 42 Skillz, software craftsman, trainer, agile coach and speaker.
Who are you?
Bruno Boucard is a developer, trainer, agile coach, and speaker.
He loves to explain with concrete examples with live coding if needed. He is the organizer of the BDD Paris user group. He is a long-time Microsoft MVP, but he still is coding java with a C# accent ;-)

What do you do for a living?
I'm emancipating Developers via technical coaching for ten years.

What are you going to talk about at FlowCon?
We will show the relationships between several discovery workshops like Event Storming, Example Mapping, and CRC Cards.
These workshops will forge new mental models that will reduce the gap between the strategic & tactical parts of the DDD.
In other words, the code will be easier to surface.

What are you the proudest of?
That participants leave with new techniques in order to unlock more business value in their companies

What speaker and/or topic would you like to see at FlowCon?
Sessions on new approaches to unlocking more business value.

If you were an art piece, which one would it be?
Moebius ring

What's your favorite band, artist or song?
The Rolling Stones

Sum up your session or workshop in only 1 sentence
Discover without constraint to better understand

What are the 3 top takeaways from your session or workshop?
- Event Storming is impressive to understand the business
- Example Mapping is excellent for understanding business rules
- CRC Cards is fantastic for modeling our first business entities
I have no words to qualify when we mix the three!