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Rachel Dubois

Agile Coach
Who are you?
Agnostic agile practitioner and coach, senior product manager, trainer, agile UX enthusiast, facilitator, speaker ... and happy mum of 2 😊 !! yeah :)

What do you do for a living?
I am Agile Coach @Spotify R&D I work within Platform Mission in Client Platform Tribe

What are you going to talk about at FlowCon?
I am going to step into my colleague Jason Yip's shoes, and replace him as he can't travel to France unfortunately ! We will try to demystify the so called Spotify Model and feedback the audience with some updated information from the inside :)

What are you the proudest of?
My kids :-) Having defeated cancer, And being the first french coach at Spotify ever !

What speaker and/or topic would you like to see at FlowCon?
Our CTO/CPO Gustav Soderstrom, he created a podcast and he is immensely talented in public speaking about agile arhictecture, innovation, etc https://open.spotify.com/show/3L9tzrt0CthF6hNkxYIeSB?si=1ba30c73e2d54981

If you were an art piece, which one would it be?
Music, probably the Cello Suites from Bach

What's your favorite band, artist or song?
"where is my mind' by The Pixies, "the man who sold the world" by David Bowie "enter sandman" by Metallica ... why one ? i have a 8759 titles favorite songs playlist ;-)

Sum up your session or workshop in only 1 sentence
Let's debunk "Spotify Model" !

What are the 3 top takeaways from your session or workshop?
- Abetter understanding of the core constructs of our organization
- An updated view of Spotify R&D agile organization 10 years after the "model" publication
- And some fun :-)